Mount Hood Fact Sheet



11,249′ (3,426 m) 28th most prominent peak in the US


~12 miles (2o km)

Type of Mountain

Stratovolcano (composite volcano), dominated by andesite magmas.


50 miles, 70 km east of Portalnd, Oregon, USA,  45° 22’25” West, 121°41’45 North

Recent Eruptions:

1859, 1865 – Settler reports of glowing sky and steam explosions, no known rock deposits of this age

1782 CE – Old Maid eruptive phase. Lava dome, pyroclastic flows and lahars

~1500 years ago – Timberline eruptive phase. Lava dome, pyroclastic flows, sector collapse and landslide, lahars

~7,700 years ago – flank lava flow near Parkdale, OR

12,000 to 30,000 Polallie eruptive phase. Multiple lava domes, lava flows, pyroclastic flows and lahars